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Now your favourite game is avaiable on Android and iOS. Do not wait, choose your software and play The Forest on your phone!

The Forest android download The Forest ios download * Requires iOS 7.0 or higher
The Forest android
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Would you like to try out your survival skills on iOS or Android? See The Forest mobile!

Today at our page we would like to present you one of the most wanted games that finally reached mobile phones. The Forest is probably one of the best survival games that were ever created. This production was at the same time the first survival title that achieved such popularity. It is all due to its incredibly realistic approach to many surviving elements. Of course besides that, the game offered many other attractive features, enabling people all over the world to try their skills in the titular Forest. Today, you are going to see how interesting it is to play the forest on android as well as on ios mobile devices.

A few information regarding the game

At the very beginning The Forest was a title that has been in its beta tests for years. It was due to the fact that the authors were not certain in which direction it should go. However, after years of programming and developing its code, the game finally appeared on the personal computers. The Forest is a product that combines the realistic elements of survival, crafting with the elements of action and in some cases horror. Our main protagonist is the only survivor of a plane crash.

Fortunately for him, the plane crashed on the island in the woods. Thanks to that he can find shelter and try to build basic constructions just to stay alive. However, was he really so fortunate? As he later on finds out, he is not alone in this forest.

Of course we should bear in mind that besides PC version of this game, there are other versions! Thanks to the use of the forest apk, you can enjoy the forest ios version of the game as well as the forest ios android counterpart! It is all possible due to the programming skills of people responsible for creating this page. Thanks to them you will be able to click the forest download links and have fun playing this wonderful game on your mobile devices!

The Forest character

But how to use these the forest free download links?

The entire process of downloading and installing this game is very simple. It is so easy you don’t have to look for additional tutorials or video guides. The only thing you need to do is to read this step by step instruction. You will see that thanks to clarity and transparency that we applied in this case, the game is very easy to be set up!

  • Download apk file – do that from our page. Make sure that you use private servers. While doing that, you will have to accept downloading application from other source than Google Play or iTunes.
  • Install and open the game – simply click .apk file that you downloaded a minute ago.
  • Verify yourself – when The Forest starts to load, you will have to verify yourself. In order to do that, you have to click “ok” button and then wait for a page to load. The website that just loaded contains all the information that will help you in finishing the verification process.
  • Restart game after verification – when you complete the tasks you were asked to do, you will have to restart the application. From that moment onward, your game is available for you to play it.

That’s all! You can now enjoy this wonderful production on your mobile phone – either Android or iOS – for as long as you want.

The Forest character

What are the features of this app?

Before you carry on and click one of the forest mobile download links down below, it is essential to learn all the benefits of this software.

The mobile version of The Forest that we are today offering has got all the game modes and all the features. It means that it is exactly the same game as in case of PC version. It includes all the features and options that the authors implemented in the last several patches and updates.

Another advantage of playing the forest mobile game from our source is the fact that it is compatible with all types of mobile phones and tablets. It doesn’t matter if you are using an old phone with old iOS or Android. As long as the software requirements meet the hardware ones, you will be able to play this game and enjoy all its amazing elements. You should also bear in mind that the game weighs very little.

The PC version of the game was quite large and it required a lot of space on your hard drive. However, to make things lighter, we decided to apply special compression systems. As a result of that, you will be able to play this game almost immediately. Our app weighs almost nothing. That is why you don’t have to worry about very long loading screens, lags, errors, freezes, and other compatibility and optimization problems.

Although the game has been compressed to very small size, you should remember that the entire audio-visual scenery has not been worsened very much. Of course, you will notice some differences between pc version of the game and the one currently described. This different is; however, very slight and won’t influence your experience from gaming.

Let us not forget about steering! The controls in the game are so intuitive and so easy to grasp that even if you haven’t played this game before, you will still be able to understand how controls work. The layout is very user-friendly what makes our app even more interesting than before!

The Forest character

Summary and conclusion

The Forest Mobile is certainly one of the most interesting productions that appeared on the market of mobile games in the last several months. This is a great combination of survival game with horror aspects and action. Now, after many sleepless nights, it is possible to play this game on your mobile phones.